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More than 40 years ago, our company began as a placement agency servicing a single line of business. Ignited by a passion for providing people with opportunity and enrichment, we set out to do things differently from the rest of the industry. To that end, we have spent the last four decades developing a diverse suite of products and services to support our clients’ workforce needs. Now, we are pleased to share that... (See More) we have united our 20 unique brands into one: Eastridge Workforce Solutions.

While the names of our 20 divisions are changing to one united brand, who we are and the values we represent remain the same. There has been no change in ownership, no change in staff, and no change in locations. We simply wish to help the market understand and experience the depth of our innovative workforce solutions in a simple, clear way.

We are a comprehensive workforce solutions company with the ability to solve complex workforce management and recruitment challenges. We have the expertise and agility to provide our clients with integrated solutions that are powered by simple-to-use, next-generation technology. It’s this passionate, yet uncommon approach that defines us.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of the Eastridge Workforce Solutions story. Even after all of these years, we are proud to say that we are just getting started.

Best regards,

Robert Svet
Founder & CEO
Eastridge Workforce Solutions

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A - Areas of Focus B - Brand Identity
Eastridge Workforce Solutions leverages three Areas of Focus: Workforce Management, Workforce Recruitment and Workforce Technology. This approach allows us to solve our clients’ workforce challenges as a
For the past 42 years, our different divisions have serviced the business community through separate boutique brands. Today, we have one unified brand with the ability to provide candidates and clients with more opportunity and enrichment than ever before.

C - Company Colors

Our company colors are represented by the four arrows of the new Eastridge Workforce Solutions logo. The blue and green colors that appear in our new logo were inspired by the colors of our former brand logos. The use of these four colors symbolizes the uniting of our former brands into one.

D - Divisions E - Eastridge F - Finance & Accounting
Our Workforce Management, Workforce Recruitment and Workforce Technology Divisions are supported by dedicated teams of industry specialized experts. The name “Eastridge” honors the story of our founder’s immigration from the East and his vision to bridge the gap between people and opportunity. Our newly introduced Finance & Accounting Division attracts top-tier candidates and is trusted by highly regulated and publicly traded companies.
G - Gotham H - History
To compliment our new Eastridge Workforce Solutions logo, we selected fonts that will enable us to have the utmost flexibility and utilization in design. Gotham is a hard-working typeface for all ages. Founded in San Diego, California, our brand has evolved over the last four decades from a single service staffing agency to a robust workforce solutions company. While the look, size and scope of our company have expanded over the years, our core values are constant.

I - Innovation

Our new brand was cultivated by an imaginative team of industry experts and ignited by our innovative Workforce Technology. Innovation is in our company DNA; we are constantly evolving to provide our clients with irreplaceable value through innovative workforce solutions.

J - Job Board K - Knowledge Center L - Logo
Along with our branding, our job boards have been streamlined to provide candidates with a simple way to browse jobs across multiple industries. Browse our new Knowledge Center and discover industry articles, infographics, case studies, white papers and more. Our new logo embodies the vision of Eastridge Workforce Solutions, uniting our array of service offerings in a timeless, yet innovative way.

M - Management Solutions

Our Workforce Management Solutions are designed to augment your existing resources and supplement your processes. Not sure if your independent contractor complies as a 1099? Eastridge’s 1099 Compliance can help. Looking to exponentially expand your internal staff? Our RPO Division has you covered. Our multiple high-touch, technology-enabled management solutions deliver measurable results, and most importantly, happy clients.

N - New Service Offerings O - Opportunity P - Press
Q - Questions R - Recruitment S - Social Media
T - Technology Solutions U - Unified Vision
Our innovative and customizable Workforce Technology provides real-time visibility to meet the demands of your unique business needs. From Badging & Security to our Vendor Management System (VMS), our innovative technology solutions dramatically improve visibility into your workforce productivity and compliance. Focused on delivering integrated solutions to our clients, our unified company vision allows our teams to reach across division boundaries to maximize client success. Our leadership teams work tirelessly to create long-term value rather than short-term results.
V - Values W - Website X - Factor
While our company structure and name may be changing, our company values remain at the core of our business practices as the guiding principles of our company culture and day-to-day operations. was redesigned to better reflect the company we have evolved into today. Each page of our website was designed to make it easy to not only navigate, but also to understand our depth and spectrum of services. Our “X-factor” is the unique ability to leverage three Areas of Focus for a complete suite of workforce solutions, setting ourselves apart from many one-dimensional companies that are limited to offering one type of workforce solution.
Y - Yearly Conference Z - Zeal
Our yearly conference, Eastridge 2.0, maximizes our core value of communication across our regionally located offices, by uniting all of our employees from around the nation. This year at Eastridge 2.0, we announced our united vision for Eastridge Workforce Solutions. Zeal can be defined as “a strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes one determined to do something.” Without it, there is no point in building a brand! We strongly believe in the value we deliver through our integrated workforce solutions.